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2007 Update Report  ( Download this file (U2007_REPORT_FINAL.pdf) PDF 661kB ) ( Download this file (2007 Update Report.rtf) RTF 3813kB )


Supporing Documentation

2007 Media Release  ( Download this file (Chairmans_press_release_2007-02-27.pdf) PDF 44kB ) ( 2005 version on website)

Relative Fiscal Capacities of the States  ( Download this file (RFCS Complete.pdf) PDF 1871kB ) (RTF only in seperate chapters )


 2007 Update Working Papers

Volume 1

Methods and the Equalisation Budget  ( Download this file (V1_Methods_and_the_Equalisation_Budget_PDF_2007.pdf) PDF 970kB ) ( RTF not available)

Volume 2

Assessment Results - Revenue  ( Download this file (V2_Assessment_Results-Revenue_PDF_2007.pdf) PDF 1889kB ) ( RTF not available )

Volume 3

Assessment Results - Expense  Download this file (V3_Assessment_Results-Expense_PDF_2007.pdf) PDF 4618kB ) ( RTF not available )

Volume 4

User Charges and Common Factors  ( Download this file (V4_Assessment_Results-User_Charges_and_Common_Factors_PDF_2007.pdf) PDF 1739kB ) ( RTF not available )